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#Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We get it. Cake can seem complicated!

When should I book my cake?
We have been known to stay up all night to complete last minute cake orders. However, we cannot guarantee availability as we often reach capacity. We recommend at least a week notice for simple cakes and at least 1 month notice for custom cakes. For wedding cakes and ceremonial orders, please allow 3-6 months notice.
Do you make gluten-free/ vegan/ sugar-free cakes?
Yes, we offer delicious gluten-free and refined sugar-free cakes on a daily basis. (Our Orange Almond cake is only the best!) Ask us about our dietary specialty cakes and sweets. We can always make adjustments in our custom orders to meet your needs.
My wedding is approaching. How can I arrange for a cake tasting?
We try to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but most appointments are made on specific days during business hours. Cake consultations last about an hour. Please ask us for available time slots.
Do you deliver?
Delivery is currently only available for large orders. For individual inquiries, ask us at the time of placing your order.
I don't see any wedding cake prices. How much do they cost?
Many variables need to be taken into account for larger and more elaborate cakes. This makes it impossible to offer an exact price before customizing the cake to your needs. Our prices are calculated based on the number of servings, flavour, and complexity of design. We try to present you with several variations and prices to choose from. Knowing your budget ahead of time helps us adjust the design to match your budget.
I love a 5 tier cake that I saw in a magazine. I'd like it for my wedding, but can it feed only 50 guests?
A sample cake can be replicated on a smaller scale by recreating certain design elements. Styrofoam inserts can also be used to create a partially faux cake. As always, we’ll do our creative best to present you with a a variety of options to choose from.
Do you teach classes?
Our head cake designer Parisa Nejad leads workshops for all levels as well as private courses on specialized techniques and designs. Head over to our events page for more information and to reserve your spot.