1. Allergy Warning
Our kitchen uses allergens such as nuts, gluten and dairy. If you have an allergy, please inform us. We will do our best to avoid cross-contamination. However, as allergens are present in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee.


2. Edible Printed Images

Our printed images use edible paper and food colouring. Some colours may not print in the exact shade that is apparent on a digital screen. To avoid printing issues please choose a high resolution image with the least amount of black, brown or grey sections.


3. Food Colouring
Dark and saturated colours like black, red, green, and navy blue require a higher ratio of food colouring in the whipped cream or buttercream. In some cases, this may stain teeth or alter the taste. To avoid this issue, please choose lighter shades of colour in your whipped cream or buttercream cakes. For darker colour designs choose a fondant cake. If you wish for an exact colour, please provide us with a swatch. We will do our best to achieve the colour using food colouring however due to the nature of the medium, exact colour matches can not be guaranteed.


4. Temperature and Weather
At BB, we are praised for our whipped cream cake filling. Our whipped cream is made using fresh 35% cream and icing sugar. That’s it. No preservatives, stabilizers or additives. This makes our whipped cream cakes prone to melting and losing optimal consistency in warmer temperatures. Whipped cream cakes must be stored in the refrigerator. Humidity can make fondant cakes sweat. Cakes should never be displayed in direct sunlight or rain for any period of time.


4. Deposits and Cancellations

All cakes require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of order confirmation. The remaining 50% balance can be paid at the time of pick up with the exception of Engagement and Wedding Cakes which should be paid in full 1 week prior to the due date. In the event of delivery, full payment must be made 2 days prior. In the case of cancellation within 7 or more days prior to the due date, 20% of the total order amount is non-refundable. In the case of cancellations 6 days or less before your event date, 50% of the total is non-refundable.


5. Serving Size

Our cake sizes follow the industry standard. For a guideline of sizes please refer to our size chart. We estimate roughly 100gr per serving for most of our cakes. However, please note that some cake flavours are exceptions to this guideline. For example, BB Chocolate and BB Nescafe are made with a lighter sponge and have no fruit or nut fillings. When compared to our Pistachio Pineapple or Banana Walnut flavour, there is a noticeable weight difference in the serving sizes. Please note that our serving sizes are only a suggestion and the size of your slices must reflect your number of guests accordingly.


6. Replicating Designs
Custom cakes are made by hand by our professional cake decorators. When placing an order to replicate your chosen photograph, please note that the final product is subject to the interpretation of the cake artist. Minor changes and alterations may be apparent. No two cakes are identical.


7. Fresh Flowers, Sugar Flowers & Preserved Flowers

Pre-made flowers may be treated with additives and preservatives. Most sugar flowers are held together using metal wiring. Metal wires could pose a choking hazard and extra care must be taken to remove the flowers before cutting and serving the cake. If opting for a fresh floral design, you can suggest a colour palette and we will do our best to source from what is in season and available. We recommend for all fresh flower cakes to be served the same day they are collected.


8. Delivery and Set Up

If you wish to have your cake delivered to your event location, please request for it when placing your order. Delivery is accepted on a first come first serve basis. It is the client’s responsibility to provide a stable and leveled surface for the set up. The cake must be stored and displayed following our temperature and weather guidelines. BB is not liable for damages that may occur after the time of delivery.


9. Pick-up and Traveling With a Cake
Once your cake is picked up from BB, we cannot control how it is cared for. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for any damages and will not refund or replace accidentally damaged cakes. If you wish to send a representative to pick up and set up the cake, you are assuming full liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake. During the warmer months, special care is necessary when traveling with a cake in the car. We recommended that cakes should be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle on a flat surface. Never place the cake box on the car seat as it is tilted on an angle and will cause damage.